GP appointment

For a few weeks, I’ve been having stabbing pains in my left breast. The pain is not constant, but it is different to the mild twinges I always had on that side. So, I googled it, as we all do. My research reassures me that pain associated with breast cancer usually presents with other symptoms. I have no other symptoms. But a little voice nagged at me and I knew I should get it checked out, so I arranged to see my GP.
I was rather snappy at work today. Clearly I was more anxious than I had thought about the appointment this evening.
My GP examined my left breast, she said it all felt fine, maybe some cysts, which is all normal given my age. Then she examined my right breast and found a lump.
Really? Really??
Once she pointed it out I could feel it, but I’d never felt it before.
She was very reassuring, “I really don’t think it’s cancer”.
She’s made me a referral for an urgent appointment at the breast screening clinic “It’s just standard practise, I have to make it an urgent referral and you will be seen within two weeks”.
I came home strangely relieved as I knew I was addressing the issue, if there is an issue to be addressed. But I am also shocked that I have a lump. Maybe it’s another mouse?



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