This is moving fast

My appointment letter for the breast screening clinic has landed on my doormat: Wednesday 28th December. That is efficient! I’ve told some of my family and close friends about my screening appointment. If there is tough news to come, I’d rather they have time to prepare too.
I’m relieved this is moving fast, but what crap timing, right over Christmas. At least I’ll already be off work on holiday, but I’ll have to cancel one of my Crisis At Christmas volunteering days for the appointment.

AA Gill had recently been in the news with his untimely death. Whilst he is not a man whose views I agree with (shooting a baboon to see how it feels. Seriously?), he was an interesting writer. I had read his final article, where he made some pertinent observations about cancer treatment and the danger of having a romantisiced view of the NHS. His view was that diagnosis took too long on the NHS, so I’m heartened than in my case I seem to be being processed quickly.


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