Today I did one of my favourite things and went for a walk on Hampstead Heath. I’ve seen this bridge so many times (it’s in the grounds of Kenwood House) and for the first time I realised it’s a fake. A cosmetic bridge; looks good but takes you nowhere.


Being outside, and walking, cycling or running has always been when I do some of my best thinking. As I walked over Parliament Hill this morning, I had a really moment of gratitude. If I was ever to get cancer, this time in my life could not be better. I am physically fit and strong, my emotional resilience is high, I have wonderful friends, family and colleagues, my career is in a good place, I have a beautiful home and live in a place I adore. I love the life I live. I’m as well placed as I ever could be to face this cancer, face this chapter.

And unlike the bridge, I want this chapter to take me somewhere. No idea where, but I’m up for growing, learning and changing.
Then this afternoon, one of my other favourite things, a get together with my girlfriends. We went to see David Bowie’s Lazarus. What the **** was that all about? Cleverly staged, wonderful songs, great performances, but we all concluded only real Bowie fans would get it.
We talked over dinner. I think I rather hogged the conversation, but my chums indulged me. Talk turned to how breast cancer is not so unusual, currently one in eight women will be diagnosed with it . I joked that I was happy to “take one for the team”. Humour is definitely an important part of the armoury.

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