Kindness of strangers

It heartens me that when you share your vulnerability, it breaks down social barriers and builds connections.

I went to Waitrose today to buy tea, coffee, pasta, baked beans, loo roll and all those goods I thought it would be useful to have in the coming weeks. The cashiers are always friendly at my Waitrose, and today, on seeing the vast pile of cat food and cat litter trundling down the conveyor belt, my cashier asked me how many cats I have.  Oh, just the one, I explained, but I’ll be in hospital this week so I’m stocking up. There was an immediate kindness in her eyes, she reached across to hold my hand, and she asked,

“Are you ok?”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week” It is still helping to say that, helping to make it real.

She told me the story of her own cancer treatment 15 yrs ago, and joked how her consultant recognises her now, not by her face, but by her scar. She was reassuring and kind. These small moments are so wonderful, I treasure every one of them.

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