No, no, no, not toast as well!   The news broke today that toast, roast potatoes and chips may all increase our cancer risk. Reading in to it, I suspect media scaremongering. I will continue to enjoy my (unburnt) toast, muffins and crumpets.

In other news, there was a quiz on the BBC website to see which kind of garden bird you are. I love a pointless, Buzzfeed type quiz, so I gave it a go.


Turns out I’m a blue tit, which amused me, as I will be tomorrow after I have blue radioactive dye pumped in to my boob.

I’m all ready for my operation tomorrow. List written, bag packed (including crossword book, cereal bars and earplugs), cat sitter on standby.

Nil by mouth after 2.00am, so I’ve made a massive vegetable stew to fill me up this evening. I will keep the rest in the fridge so I have healthy, easy dinners ready if I don’t feel like cooking once home again. I’m not too apprehensive about tomorrow, I’ve had general anaesthetic and operations before. Just want to get this tumour cut out and start my recovery from cancer.



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