Sleep, exercises, Netflix and flowers

I’m recovering well from the operation, drugs are staving off the pain, although my body is confused. The codeine is making my head high as a kite, but my torso feels like a bloated lead balloon. The joys of constipation. Enough said.

Fortunately I’m sleeping well (is that the drugs too?) and my appetite is as healthy as ever. But I do feel like a space cadet – no way should I be anywhere near a car or heavy machinery.

My boob feels massive and very tender. Quite normal, apparently, after the operation. I feel like one of those body builders whose muscles are so big the can’t put their arms by their sides. My poor boob is bruised yellow and purple.

I have lots of visitors, new flowers nearly everyday, shelves of cards. Feeling very supported. Thank you.

Also just signed up to Netflix as I’ll be sofa surfing a lot. I can watch films while I do my exercises to prevent lymphoedema.





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