Targit B Radiotherapy Trial

Mum saw an article in the Mail Online about Kirsty Lang’s breast cancer and treatment, with a number of parallels with my situation.  The article also mentions my consultant, Professor Vaidya, and the clinical radiotherapy trials he has been involved with for many years.


This new radiotherapy treatment delivers a boost of radiotherapy whilst in the operating theatre at the time of the wide local excision (lumpectomy). The main benefit is that the number of weeks of radiotherapy required is then reduced, better for the patient and the NHS. There may also be an improvement in the reducing the risk of the cancer returning, but this is unproven for cases such as mine.

Back in January when I was diagnosed, my professor discussed the trial and any possible risks with me, asking if I would be willing to participate. I elected to be part of this Targit B trial. Unfortunately, I was then randomly selected to be part of the control group – in other words I’ll get the standard radiotherapy, so will not have the benefits of a shorter treatment period. But it means I’ll be monitored for 10 years to see the long term effects of the treatment, and it feels great to be part of a long term medical trial which will help treatment of other patients.

This news piece from July 2014


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