Goodies in the post


Received a really thoughtful bundle of goodies in the post today from one of my dear work friends today, including a couple of magazines. I don’t usually read Hello, but I’ll always have a guilty peep at it when I’m in the hairdressers. And an article on The White House Women – what’s not to love – Trump may be viewed as a racist, mysoginistic bully but his wife wears lovely dresses! Just what I need when I’m resting on the sofa. And it means so much to know that my friends are thinking of me and finding ways to support.

That’s one of the many interesting things I’m discovering about this journey with cancer. How do we navigate through it? Most of us are not prepared for this, for having to cope with a new chapter suddenly dropped, unwanted, in our laps.  Whilst I’m working through what it means for me, all the people in my life are having to find their own way through this too, many dealing with memories of loved ones who were also touched by cancer.

What I have learned so far is that even the smallest of gestures mean so much and give me such strength. Thank goodness for mobile phones – all the texts and messages I’ve had to say hello or just check in with me are wonderful. Apologies if I don’t always reply, but please know how much they mean to me.

Thinking again of all those ripples, and how many of us are touched by every cancer story.



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