#ActOfUnity #WorldCancerDay


Today is World Cancer Day, and to raise awareness and funds, numerous cancer charities sell unity bands in their colours. I bought the pink version from Breast Cancer Care. Scrolling through social media, there are hundreds of stories from people touched by cancer. It made me wonder how many of us are facing cancer right now. Incredibly, in the UK nearly 1,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed everyday, and of these 172 are breast cancer. Wow, so every day 172 people (men can get breast cancer too!) will have their own breast cancer diagnosis day.

I’ve become a bit evangelical about this, but it’s so important that we all check ourselves, know our own bodies, and go for any screening we are called for, or ask for it if we have concerns. Had I not gone to my GP in December, I would still be sitting here with a tumour inside me.

Checking your breasts

Cervical screening (the horribly named smear test)

Bowel and prostate cancer screening

Please look out for yourselves x


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