Chemotherapy delayed. Thanks shingles!

A quick update to confirm that my oncologist has delayed chemo until Wednesday 19th. She wants to be confident that the virus is under control before my body gets blasted with drugs again, especially as the poxy virus (proper name herpes zoster ophthalmicus) getting in to my optic nerve could be quite nasty. All a bit frustrating, but I was warned than all treatment plans are subject to change. On the positive side, my taste buds are fully recovered and will appreciate Easter eggs.

And  I came home with an actual bag full of drugs. I’ll be staying on the anti virals all through chemotherapy and for six weeks afterwards.


Inspired by Victoria Derbyshire I thought I’d do a video about hair loss. If I suddenly plunge in to depression about the whole thing, I may not do another one!


And this came in the post today, it’s a personalised medical alert bracelet, which I’ll wear when I’d doing anything a bit risky, like hurling down hills on my bike at 40mph…… I bought it from Etsy for £11.30. Great idea for anyone with medical conditions.



3 thoughts on “Chemotherapy delayed. Thanks shingles!

  1. You are so brave sharing evidence of your hair experience. I’m amazed to see what you collected from the plug! Don’t forget there are some benefits to hair loss – no more shaving the legs!
    As always, you are amazing #strength #courage
    J x

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  2. I found out last Thursday I have stage 2 breast cancer audits Un my lymph nodes too. I have to have chemo and a mastectomy then hopefully a reconstruction. I am scared to lose my hair. I have my ct scan next week to see if it’s spread. Life changes big time.


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