Tsunamis and ripples

When I was in the consulting room this week, there was a stack of patient files on the consultant’s desk. Some fairly thin (like mine), others very thick. It struck me that each file represents a person, a story, their treatment, their hopes and fears. It also represents all the lives that their cancer touches. How a diagnosis creates a tsumani and then hundreds and thousands of waves and ripples as the news touches family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, friends of friends.

As soon as I had my diagnosis, I knew I wanted to be very open about my cancer. Sharing my news is part of the acceptance process for me, and also a way to garner the support I know I will need, and need right now. But an unwelcome shock for everyone I tell. The support, love and kindness has been utterly overwhelming. I have never had so many hugs, felt so much love. What a truly wonderful bunch of people I have in my life.


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